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wk 02 : lanterns & LD

Well, good morning York! I woke up early, dropped my bags and materials back at uni and went for a morning walk in town this morning, and enjoyed every moment of it. There is a sense of groundedness within me which makes me appreciate even more what I am doing and where I am. A knowledge that I know who I am and the direction I am going.

So, if you want to explore some of York with me, here it is:

Back at uni, before the start of the session, I managed to manipulate a couple of cups into something I thought about last night in my little room. Here are some images I took:

Always part of the material manipulation process we started yesterday.

The rest of the morning - and of lunchtime, which I have skipped, again! - was devoted to lantern making. This has to do with the Carol Procession and Service at York Minster and because of the situation we are all in, part of the procession will be video recorded in mid-October... I mean, next week! Here following is my idea of a lantern which stems from The Shambles (of course):

To be honest, I am not so sure where I am going with this. Having said that I have noticed that I do not like to work when I am seen. I definitely rather work alone. Also, this process took me back to a couple of years ago. For the ones following me from back then, do you remember this (which is now towering in my livingroom)?:

This was the gigantic version of a chatterbox I did at BB College.


Life Drawing session after lunch: I grabbed a pencil, only one. And then I found a black marker...


I find that I don't have time.

I have my tools and props and material (and space!) here so I cannot bring everything home to finish the work. I asked if it were possible for me to skip LD but of course, that is mandatory. I need to sort out times and planning when I am here in order to maximise the resources. I have made the decision to drive back here tomorrow and to work on the lantern in order to have it finished for next THU.

LD was hard today. I felt extremely tired, worried about the lantern I haven't finished and concerned about my driving back tonight and then here again tomorrow (and then back home again). I know that everything is doable and I will be doing it but I haven't been successful in planning my staying (albeit it is definitely better than the first time...)

I am getting there, I am getting there!

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