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diss : HaK + D*G

Before I start reminiscing the experience of my Mawddach Residency, I took some time off to go back into the flow of things at university and to deal with the result of my dissertation.

Which left me ecstatic.

I am proud, happy, even more proud - if ever possible - of the whole experience, the result, and the knowledge that somehow I was right all along. Plus, you know that if you put in the hours and you do your bit, you get results in the end. I was also particularly worried about what could have been of me if I didn't get a high mark. To me, that would have meant that I wasn't Master / PhD material so I had to rethink all of my future plans. But instead, it seems that I am able to follow my dreams and proceed along this path I have chosen for myself.

Of course, I am extremely grateful to the people who supported me, helped me, believed in me, who made all the difference.

So, if you want and have the time, you can find my dissertation here.

Please please please remember that this is an official document that has gone through TurnItIn, so if you want to use it, you will need to reference / cite / quote properly.

And if you want to discuss my dissertation, or the theory behind my study, the artist Hilma af Klint, Gilles Deleuze and his rhizomatic thinking, a different way to approach art "reading", the freedom to define yourself as an artist and place yourself professionally in a freer and wider category - still, with no labelling... - drop me an email.

Happy reading!

onwards + upwards


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