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MA&FLX – #03 : Chatty-Chatty-Chatterbox!

Following for the idea of the disposable sentences and the influx-by-Fluxus, I created some chatterboxes: they are disposable, made of paper, hand-folded, funny, ironic, sarcastic… basically, everything I wanted to convey.

Some of them contained made-up sentences, others “stolen” phrases from John Cage’s 1959 Lecture on Nothing (here).

From a self-development as an artist, I noticed how my own concept of art, making and creating has dramatically changed. I stepped into that land of Comfortableness in which I feel I do not need to mediate anymore, I can simply be me. To be honest, I have been comforted by the fact that my tutors told me that they like what I produced. Yes, of course, validation and an emotional stroke…

Still, I can definitely perceive a threshold I have stepped onto, a well-defined change in me: sometimes I cannot pinpoint what nor when, but at the same time I feel I cannot go back to who I was, to my previous way of thinking which was: I cannot be an artist because I don’t know how to draw and I have never done art before. That is totally gone. Not only my Art has changed, but my whole Being has bloomed. And not without pain.

I have also decided to make a larger chatterbox, learning spot-welding and using a particular type of paper which hardens when glued and wetted. The drawing and planning of the object were not difficult; the cutting and welding of the pieces were easily doable; the assembling of the pieces together saw me close to tears and breaking point in which I looked at those triangles which would not behave as I wanted them to. For a second, I thought about giving up. Then I tried once more, and I managed to create one. I wanted to have the time to make one in wood, and we discussed also making some in clay, in different positions, painted in different shades of grey. This because I wanted to explore the commerciality of art, the possibility of people buying my pieces and collecting them. Unfortunately, my heart, for now, rests into another project (more on that later) but I would love to come back and explore more of the chatterboxes.

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