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the STONE : water

I followed the hints and made an egg. And my heart sings every time I look at it. Now it's in my living room, right in front of the windows, and it looks just beautiful. I loved the process - albeit messy, to be honest with you - the painting, the shades, the hues, the marks, the brushing, the strokes, the symbols, everything. I am happy.

I have also recycled the Mobius Loop forms I used during SEM 01 and created one with similar pictorial markings. This is me. This is what I like making and I am not interested - for the first time, ever - in making art or not art... I am just interested in making these. And that's me. There is a different conviction, assertion within me. And this will inform part of the end of SEM 02 project.

Because of changes in the timetable, I am shifting this blog to Monday since I will be at uni most Saturdays.

And these were this week's cards. This is how they wanted to be placed:

Do you recognise any of our favourites?

That's the VOW, again. Pointing straight at the egg... you tell me!

I have noticed how the FATHER and the TEAR came out close to each other, and both reverse and both pointing downwards: it feels to me that father figures at times are weak and absent, the guardian who then leave us, strong & regal but also fragile and scared; at the same time, crying needs strength and courage.

This was my father. / He had known he was mortal. I had feared they would have to / tie him down. I had not remembered / he had always held still and kept quiet to bear things, / the liquor a way to keep still. I had not / known him. My father had dignity. At the / end of his life his life began / to wake in me.

[thank you Sharon Olds for your beautiful His Stillness]

Both RIVER and TEAR: too much water? Or never enough, I think... I noticed how I can perfectly see the reflection, in that card. THat horse galloping. I am reminded of baptisms in water, rituals, flows, transformation. Things are never the same, in rivers, and still that changing is always a constant. For more water, please have a look at Roni Horn's 1999 Still Water (The River Thames, for Example).

And then the CASTLE and the VOW, again. I am asked to consider attachments, what I fear, what's outside waiting for me, on the other side of those walls; and about words and intentions, the act of reciting an oath, and how the unseen forces of the Universe will show up to assist me.

There, where the waters flow, time stands still.

I asked the I Ching about a ritual, what is needed, what I need, how I do it. And because I am listened to, the answer was WATER over EARTH, in UNION (8) and for a BEGINNING (3). There I will feel and tremendous forces of the energies, there I will know the power to create. This is the beginning: clouds, rain, and thunder. I am reminded not to take anything lightly but the time is now ready for perceiving.

I love that word: perceiving.

I have agreed with two of my tutors that part of this blog and work will inform my next project. I want my art to be felt, lived, perceived (!). I want the viewers to be immersed, to look at the details and then take a step back and be filled by the bigger picture. In order to keep me active and outdoors regardless of the weather, I have joined one of the CHALLENGES online and I will be virtually walking the INCA TRAIL (see: the Celestine Prophecy!).

And, as for the VOW: I think I am ready.

I now have the courage to say yes...

in the meantime, ad maiora!


© mtomat 2021 - written on 08032021 - no reproduction without permission.

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