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punto della situazione

There seems no other way to describe where I am at than: punto della situazione.

We are still in COVID, we still don’t know what is going to happen next, we all believe there is no going to be a final year exhibition, we are going to probably be graded by the work down up to isolation and so on and so forth.

I have been making some stuff in Papier–mâché, I have been trying to create maps in different ways. I am not happy with what I made. I bought some more material because I think that this is the time for trying new options and make use of what I am imagining by way of making, creating, analysing, constructively criticising, find own feet and marks and using practice as personal research. I have to say though that the process of laying paper and glue was highly therapeutic and I want to try some more and see where it takes me.

We have been having a couple of sessions online just with YR2 and I also had a tutorial with KS [tutorial /10] to address where I am at and where I am going and how I am going to be marked for the end of the year.

What I found more important for me was the process of going back to writing and checking and sorting the book side of the FMP – and regardless of the FMP.

I can see the end of the book and I have sent a pdf copy for 5 people asking them to read it and this following is the email I sent with the attachment:


And thank you for taking the time to read this final draft.

I call it a final draft but there are still notes and areas I would like to expand and work on.

What I would like from you is constructive feedback, i.e. not a summary nor an appraisal on the style of writing, which is “mine” and I am very happy with it.

Please, feel free to tell me what you think. if there are obvious grammar mistakes (in the end, I’m not a native English speaker!), if there are gaps in the story or even parts you would like to read more about it. How does it flow? Have I been missing something? Because to me, it makes perfect sense, of course…

This book, my 6th, is part of my FMP, the college final major project and even though I don’t need to publish it, I wouldn’t mind, if I am happy with it, to publish it at the end of May. 

You will see still some of my comments and notes and the odd Italian word I still need to find the “perfect” translation for… and the end is perfectly formed in my mind and heart, but not on paper…

Again, thank you! I am happy to answer any question you have along the way. And, yes, there are many pages, but they are already formatted for the published version, hence not A4!

Of course, you are aware of copyrights, etc and bla bla bla… I would kindly appreciate if this version did not leave your laptop nor you sent it to other people without asking me first. Ta!

ciao and thank you,


No one has come back to me yet but for one person. I have to say first that I asked generally online who was willing to read the draft and I got 5 responses, which I was pleased with. I did not say what the book was about, nor how long it was… nothing! BUT… one person came back to me after one day saying that since her father passed away she did not feel ready to read the whole book after having read the first pages, where I describe a death. ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS: should I have described the tone of the book? Should I have asked if someone was ready to read about death and suicide? Should I have been asked? Should I have warned people? I am not so sure and I am still pondering on what I really think. The people who said YES are all adult women… I don’t know. STILL, I think for now it is important to notice this and see if I change attitude if and when someone else is asking me to read the draft.

Besides the book, I have been working on a journal of ideas and notes. I have been collecting ideas and notes and referencing for as long as I remember BUT all of these are scattered everywhere so I bought myself a journal where I have been collecting and gathering all stuff I have art and writing-related. Part of the project itself was fairly creative hence I took some pictures…

Here are also some of the images I have been collecting and glueing in the journal to be used as references for my work:

As per the PODCAST / confessional I haven’t done any more episodes…

But I have written the lyrics of a song which I have been commissioned from an Italian musician [Renato Olivari] and that made me feel unexpectedly empowered… which is a very very good feeling indeed! Title: Chasing Butterflies – I am not pasting here the lyrics since we are still in the process of registering the lyrics and I am studying the best system – Italian SIAE or British PRS?!

As per usual: semper ad maioram!

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