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m·r [06]

This has been a day of wondering and thinking. At the end of this day, I don't really know exactly what I did, read, or ate. I have been feeling anxious in the middle of this experience. The idea of driving back home, to a place where I don't feel safe, woke me up again with a sense of dread.

I did some testing with some card and cardboard and worked a bit - and I mean a bit - on the branch. I have ideas flooding my mind, but today I didn't even record them in my journal.

I feel safe here, but I know it's temporary. So, I don't really feel safe.

My plan now is to take the next couple of days off and do really nothing. Sleep, read, watch TV. I think that after this I will make a list of the things I might do or that needs doing.

I am just wondering if I feel more vulnerable than I thought I am...

piece of paper evening #7

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