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xmas break – Edinburgh

I have never been there before so when I found a cheap day train ticket I thought: I am off! The town deluded me, a bit. I don’t know what I was expecting but it was too dark, too cold, too crowded and it was too much for just one day. My destination, though, was the Scottish National Gallery (here), to be honest. That’s where I have spent most of my day. A difficult choice was also deciding which book to take with me on the train that day!

At the very beginning, I went to the Royal Scottish Academy and Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition (more info here) and some pieces I liked, other a bit less and one reminded me of Dan Edwards’ exhibition (here) – [see Gary Gowans here].


And then I breathed history and passion and craft and mystery and felt totally and fully blown away. I am not going to add anything anymore about this. The reason being you need to see these masterpieces for yourself. I can only say that I felt proud that I managed to recognise the hands (authors) of most of them. Standing there, in front of them, and being able almost to smell them, it’s indescribable. Go there!

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