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wk 01 : setting up the studio

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

+ tutorial with ST

Finally, finally, finally! in the studio... the feeling is one of joy, and trepidation and novelty and vulnerability and not-knowingness and space-outness with a pinch of whatthefuckamIdinghere-ness. As you would.

I found my desk and reading my name brought joy and a sense of confirmation that no matter all of the above, I was in the right place, that place I have been waiting for the past 33 years.

33 years.

We had a beautiful introduction by the module director, a presentation of the studio and we have been given the first brief: to create our own studio space. If I have to think about a space I would like to create - one day, in this case - here it is:

For the time being, I have stored my own tools, unpacked some of my belongings, sat comfortably and - of course - grabbed a pencil and claimed that piece of wall above my desk:

I have been asked to bring some material I would like to work with, and I brought a copious amount of card / cardboard / cut outs / and paper cups in 3 different sizes.

During this first afternoon, I also had the very first tutorial, with ST: it was just an introduction since I am joining at year 2


I felt comfortable in the studio. Having said that, I noticed how much I need a space for myself, how much I need a large space and I mean really L A R G E, and how I prefer to work alone. I wouldn't mind having someone in a studio next to me with whom sharing a coffee and lunch, but when working is concerned, I definitely prefer to work alone. Fortunately, the space available is large enough to be able to work and I know that worst-case scenario, I can still revert to using the headphones as at College. I also want to add that I appreciate the organisational side of this uni experience: everything seems to be working as it seems it should. And this is reassuring.

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