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ucas : update

I have applied to 5 universities:

  1. Blackburn

  2. Carlisle

  3. Lancaster

  4. London – Chelsea

  5. York – St John

I have received 4 invitations to interviews and 1 rejection as “previous qualifications not enough”. Of course, I know that if 4 out of 5 accept my previous qualifications, there must be something else and this something else has nothing to do with me. So, their loss.

I went to all the 4 interviews.

I have received 3 offers and I am still waiting for the last offer back.

I am gathering more info regarding potential university decision and when I will have the final offer I will then sit and narrow down to 2 places. I have to admit that I have already a very good idea of where I want to go, and some strong opinions of the other universities and feedback to the interviews. I also do not want to make my ideas known now.

I am going to a solitary writing retreat for the FMP at the beginning of March. I will decide then to which university I will apply and my feedback to the whole experience.

updated on 20 FEB : 

I have received the last response I was waiting for.
It is an offer, which means that now I have 4 options to choose 
from. Still, as above, I do not want to make my ideas known
for now but, esp. due to some personal events during the last
24 hours, if I needed an extra push not to chose one,
in particular, I got it.
So, to the person who verbally abused me at my doorstep
with no real reason but his own anger and pain...
I say: thank you!
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