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post crit•ique and feed•back

These are part of the feedback received during the course up to now.

I have started with a feedback from one of the tutors, JC, as follows:

“Matilde has made an excellent start to the course and is exceeding target grades. She has achieved distinction grades in her initial diagnostic assessment and has a superb work ethic. She has been thoroughly involved in all aspects of the study programme, volunteering to participate in a performance with an artist at the Harris Museum and is constantly sourcing ways to extend both contextual and practical research. She would love to progress to University after the course to study a degree in Fine Art, but this is dependent on finance. Matilde is studying the course part-time and is working towards completing units 1 & 2 this year. She is currently exploring potential ideas for a very personal piece of work which may lead her towards a final major project.”

After the presentation, I have received the following feedback for my critique and work in general (in no particular order):

“Your work shows ethos and commitment • it is connected with emotions • keep on doing the work • I love the sporadic way you work • your work matches your personality • photography is our main strength • don’t work to perfection • your work is expressive, experimental, and creative • don’t think too much • don’t compare your work with other people • continue with your passion • shape and colours are strong • amazing and consistent • very beautiful concepts • the camera is only a tool, you are more important • you are not stretching yourself too thin, but are continuously finding the correct pathway • compare yourself to you • don’t criticise yourself too much, your work is good • I think your ideas are wonderful and I think that you need to try and be experimental • intelligent pieces, would like to see work on a larger scale • your drawings are very unique and interesting; the word perfect is annoying • very interesting person and I was very intrigued throughout your presentation • love your attitude • milk bottles are really cool • perfection doesn’t exist.”

The world will ask you who you are, and if you don’t know, they will tell you.

SELF • REFL: I know that I have changed so much during these first weeks. I am thankful and grateful for the support and constructive feedback I have received: the consideration and details show the dedication that my fellow colleagues have. I feel I need time now to take it all in and discuss with tutors which avenues I could explore, and if it is the right time for me to do that already.

I am also looking forward, albeit with some anxiety, to the end of UNIT 01 and the formal tutorial and feedback… *sigh*•

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