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MRes wk 07 - 7NOV22

This has been a week of thinking and catching up. There is no uni, no lectures to audit, no readings to be done but... but... I had to hand in an assignment for my L6 Advanced Diploma in Clinical Supervision course and that took some time. It is only a 2000-word essay and the brief was to research a topic that we are interested in, and I started by writing something I thought I was interested in and that would be "easy, cheap, and cheerful" and I ended up writing up something that somehow pulled together analysis, therapy, supervision, art, alchemy... and a piece that I am particularly proud of.

So proud of this writing endeavour that I am going to upload here [with permission] the file of said assignment : The Lonely Bodies in the Room : HERE it is!

The Lonely Bodies in the Room - NOV 2022
Download PDF • 257KB

Check it out, tell me what you think because, after a whole week of reading it, and rereading it, and talking about it with friends and colleagues, I still feel this essay is good and promising. I am very proud of myself!

[There is also quite a good ref list if anyone is interested in the topic]

On top of this... it was a Full Moon today and a Total Lunar Eclipse.

I had my full celebratory moment on Sunday night. It was beautiful and the house smelled wonderful and fresh. It was warm, needed, caring and cared for. I designed it, researched for it, and prepped it... it took me a whole week of readings and checking correspondences, and careful planning and then I felt I put in a lot of love and it was just what I needed.

This coming week is again a week of "sort of chilling" with no sessions for us PGRs in person at uni but I am going to follow a couple of seminars online and I am preparing for my second supervision tutorial tomorrow... will he be happy about me?!

Till next week then, and as per usual:

onwards and upwards,



... nothing... my brain breathes... even tho [eye rolling...]

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