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future : any idea?

I am writing this post after my first two university interviews and two UAL Awarding Body Standardisation events. Basically, in one week I presented my body of work twice via portfolio and twice via PowerPoint Presentation. Both instances meant that somehow my work, my act of “being an artist”, and in the end my abilities to present and I have been judged.

When I deliver workshops I always go out, sit with a coffee and think: tell me at least three things that went well, three that were not good and three that could be changed and developed.

Three things that went well:

  1. I was on time

  2. I was prepared

  3. I knew the subject

  4. everything worked as it should

  5. they were all well received

  6. I was happy that tutors and BB College were happy

Three things that were not so good:

  1. I wasn’t happy in one of the interviews but I don’t feel this is the place and moment to write about it

  2. I felt a divide in myself about being 52 and stil being a student

  3. maybe I had different expectations that were not met

Three things that could be developed:

  1. potentially create a presentation / video online to the importance of this course and its need

  2. accept and work on self re. feeling of “not belonging” : I’m still a student, for now

  3. portfolio too heavy? making a digital one? take some stuff out?

The whole point of this post is that during one of the interviews it has been mentioned that I could have a future as a tutor if I thought about progressing into a PGCE; and I know that I am good when I deliver workshops; and I know that I like it. That just to be added o the fact that I am also a good and valid artist, and a good mentor already!

In the end, I do not want to make a decision now (I don’t even know if / where I will be going to university), but at the same time, I want to make a point in writing this down on here because this could be an avenue for me to still be within the local artistic community while at the same time earning a living by doing something I like and that I am good at.

Just saying…

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