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2024 JAN: I am now a full time PhD candidate at Bangor University

2023 NOV: the text of the Degree Show piece but only the ruining of the rain has heard [FW.75ed.p99] is available on amazon [here]

2023 NOV: the dissertation rooting for hilma: on reading a tree in a rhizomatic way is available on amazon [here]

2023 SEPT: I submit my Thesis titled: On Encountering the Divine in the Act of Drawing [here]

2022 SEPT: I enroll in a full-time Practice-led MA by Research at York St John University

2022 JUN: I am presented with the Dissertation Award 2022 for my rooting for hilma: on reading a tree in a rhizomatic way

2022 JUN: I create but only the ruining of the rain has heard [FW.75ed.p99] [here] as part of the Degree Show to mark the end of university

2022 APR: I participate at York Open Studios presenting caught in the act of drawing (here) and [HERE]

2022 FEB: I am awarded by Jack Spicer and Scarlett Rebecca a two-week residency at Mawddach

2021 DEC: I create and exhibit tâs as part of the Winter Show for my third year at York St John

2021 MAY: I create The Third Insight as part of End of Year 2 Exhibition

2021 FEB: I create I N N O C E N C E as part of a collaboration with Leeds Libraries

2021 JAN - APR: I explore psychogeography and maps

2020 DEC: I conceive The Truth Seeker as part of End of Semester 1 PORTfolio

2020 NOV: I conceive and create GROP in chicken wire

2020 SEPT: Enrolled at York St John University: BA (Hons) Art & Design / Fine Art Year 2


2020 JUN: Awarded L4 UAL/FAD in Art & Design with Distinction


2020 MAY: The book a thousand names is published on Amazon

2020 APR: I am interviewed by Dave Cornthwaite for his Self Propelled Podcast: Why Happiness is Just a Mood here

2020 FEB: BEFORE NOTHING / a Research Residency - is created and presented at The Crypt Gallery, London - 28 February till 1 March 2020

2019 DEC: LEGACY / an installation - is created and exhibited at Victoria Building, Blackburn College & University

2019 JUL: assisting JAMIE HOLMAN during the Durham Miners' Gala with his silk banners: HOPE - JOY and I was a Hare and as a Hare I Ran

2019 JUN: THE FESTIVAL OF MAKING, Blackburn. Assisting and supporting Dan Edwards after his collaboration with Senator Group. Video: here


2019 MAY: CONSERVATION: solo exhibition at Blackburn Cathedral commemorating the Friulian earthquake of 1976 - installation supported by The Bureau Centre for the Arts, Blackburn. Within the project, I deliver two talks: On Brushes and Bruises on the making of CONSERVATION, and On Me being Me, or the Artist-in-Shame. Video re. the installation here

2019 FEB: Festival of Maxing / BRITISH TEXTILE BIENNIAL / Super Slow Way / Creative Lancashire : participant in the Andy Walmsley / Wash Film project supporting Jamie Holman: ​video here

2019 JAN: mr+mrs dull are born

2018: SEPT: THE POLITICS OF CLOTH: Preston : assistant and participant in an art council funded work by Jamie Holman, delivered at The Harris Museum during the Lancashire Encounter Festival [here]


2018: AUG: all my books, both in ITA and ENG, can now be found on Amazon


2018: MAY: I write and publish Rebeltherapy: a therapist journey through addiction, trauma, and Nichiren Buddhism


2017: APR: I write and publish The Men at my White Table. A Collection: a selection of poetry, short stories and photographs to underline over 20 years of creativity


2016: JUN: THE ISLAND OF MILL HILL : collaboration with Anthony Schrag in a local project creating a walk+talk experience on the concept of boundaries, identity, and belonging [a SuperSlowWay project here]


2008: JUL: WO/AR[DS] & PHOTOS: Cividale del Friuli : solo exhibition: photos and words as an imaginary path taken from my book Oltre la Nona Onda, with an introduction by the writer Gabriella Musetti


2007: SEPT: BELTFRA: Trieste : member of the technical jury of a photographic competition; at the awarding ceremony on 14 SEPT 2007 a slide show of my work was presented featuring 55 of my photographs


2007: SEPT: TONI ZANUSSI: Clauiano : worked as the official photographer for Cosmogonie, la Porta di Baghdad, an exhibition by Toni Zanussi [here]


2007: SEPT: TERRITORIES:  Colonos di Villacaccia : involved in the LINK’s debut album launch Stanze promoting my own work in an exhibition during the event as an extension of my previous work


2007: JUN: ROSES: Abbazia di Rosazzo : created a solo exhibition around the idea of roses in black and white, that was held at the Rosazzo Abbey as one of the yearly artist showcases


2007: MAY: TERRITORIES: Palmanova : solo exhibition at an elitist dinner held for the town establishment


2007: MAY: CANTINE APERTE: Faedis : solo exhibition at the winery Accordini


2007: APR: ALLA CORTE DI RE’FOSCO: Faedis : an itinerant solo exhibition of 60 of my photographs in various wineries at the first edition of this event


2006: NOV: CONOSCIAMOCI: UDINE : main guest at the TV show Conosciamoci to discuss my recent exhibitions as a photographer


2006: STRALCI: Palmanova : solo exhibition of over 60 photographs, 40 of which dedicated to wine


2006: SCATTIDIVINI: national : entered a national competition with three of my photographs on the topic of wine [lovers entwined / rummer soldiers / wanton dame]; lovers entwined was selected and included in a European touring exhibition starting from Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence and can also be found in the official catalogue


2000: the book Oltre la Nona Onda was awarded the Settembre a Milano prize. Subsequently, Ugo Onorati in Marino (Roma) introduced me and my book at a celebratory event dedicated to Oltre la Nona Onda, with music by Vittorio Nocenzi of the band Banco Mutuo Soccorso, book which was then described as a “subjective novel without resorting to traditional narrative structures”


1996: I write Oltre la Nona Onda, published by Oppure (Roma)


1994: I write and publish Beowul, un’ipotesi plausibile

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