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York Open Studios

Caught in the act of drawing: Matilde’s work investigates the reactions and separateness of both Maker and Viewer while exploring inspiration, separation and artistic pleasure. A mixed-media performative piece.


Matilde Tomat is an artist, writer, psychogeographer, and psychotherapist. Her practice evolved from the inquiry on loss to the discernment of past events, the idea of posterity, the concepts of Truth and Seen, and her identity as an artist as seen by “the others” while in the act of creating. A lover of silence, she is intrigued by hidden connections, synchronicities, and the mystical. Originally from Italy, she now lives and creates in the UK.


Over two weekends in APR 2022, the experience of York Open Studios "caught in the act of drawing" was exactly what I needed in order to understand how to move forward in my practice. I completed two large performance drawings while being observed. Images of both days are here below.


caught in the act of drawing

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