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The Resting Tree

the [full] story

Emotionally and personally, The Resting Tree was born in 1990 while I was crossing the street opposite the Church dedicated to St Christopher, in Udine. Everything that TRT is now, began then. At the time I didn't know that I had to go through getting married and then divorced, realise the addiction in my parents, deal with it in the best possible way [which means : very badly at the time], losing them both, realising I am an Adult Daughter of Alcoholics, move to a different country, start all over again, lose everything, gain a lot, lose everything again, gain more, be excruciatingly sad and lonely [my brain typed lovely instead of lonely!], study psychotherapy, write books, deliver workshops, go back to college for an art foundation course, go to university and study art, train as a chaplain, re-find my faith [yes, in that order!], decide to train as a supervisor... and one day realise that it felt I was back in the middle of that street, where I wanted to work with artists and writers and religious / spiritual people and putting all of this together in a very personal Venn diagram.

So, here I am 32 years later being exactly where I have always wanted to be and doing what I always wanted to do. I look back to that woman, full of fears and anxiety, not understanding what was going on and then I look at myself in the mirror with satisfaction and so much love.


Welcome to The Resting Tree :

where psychotherapy, psychogeography, philosophy, spirituality, and art meet.

Deciding to go to therapy, for some, is not an easy task. Still, that decision is the beginning of an amazing exploratory journey. It is what healing is founded upon.

I personally believe that the aim of therapy is to awaken personal inner awareness. My main interests have always revolved around spirituality, creativity, and where and how the two overlap. Hence, the exploratory journey includes sessions, reading, keeping a journal, and other creative means. As part of working with me, I suggest to all of my clients to journal following the structure of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron (here) and to read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield (here) and its companion workbook (here). These are just seen as starting points to initiate a conversation. My interest is not in providing a new set of beliefs, but just a different viewpoint. Options of different literature and approaches (including some purely philosophical and / or spiritual) will be available. My vocation, as a psychotherapist and psychogeographer, is working with people who feel the need for a radical change and rebirth, the release of blockages and constrictions, and a sense of liberation.  If you are an artist, writer, or creative Being, this means allowing for a deeper exploration of your Identity,  Integrity, possible conditioning, labelling, shame... The emancipation happens through the re-appropriation of the True Self via a therapeutic, creative, and mystical perspective, which allows transformative change, and the discovery of your Inner Truth.  As a consequence, we can observe the letting go of outdated, external, and controlling structures. For this reason, my approach is multifaceted, integrating psychotherapy, philosophy, spirituality, and art. 

There, your manual and theoretical creative practice will turn into a personal and rooted praxis: your Path. 

Our work together will be grounded in knowledge from the analytical perception, spirituality, and underpinned by a psychotherapeutic approach, ethical framework, and the ability to channel inspired connections. We might be using archetypes, tarot, chakras, Ayurveda, meditation, and journaling which are all tools that sit on top of the psychotherapeutic framework.

Working with me, some people say, is not easy, but I can promise that I will never give up on you because no dream is too small to be neglected.

Re. COVID and Regulations: I am following the Government's latest regulations and I am offering both face-to-face and online sessions.

Part of the work I do can be found in my blog here.

Any more detailed information can be found in the Counselling Directory here

As far as SUPERVISION is concerned, I am offering discounted sessions [£40 for 90 minutes] while I am training for my Advanced Diploma in Clinical Supervision, till the end of December 2023. Please, get in contact if you want to know more!


Fees per 50 therapeutic minutes:

£40 adults – first session: £30 which includes a free initial consultation

Adults: 1 free session when pre-booking and pre-paying a series of 10 (total of £350)

Couples: £60 per session (Couples therapy will also include some 1:1 sessions at usual rates)

Mentoring for Professionals: £60 per 90 min session

£30 undergraduate students with proof of attendance for the course (max 10 hours)

Telephone / Outdoor / Remote Counselling: £40 per session to be paid online in advance.

(these new fees are in place from Mon 20 Sept 2021)

Feel free to get in touch via email at:

[Please check your SPAM folder for the reply since sometimes this is where they end up]

Matilde TOMAT, IB MBACP ¦ NCS (Accred.)

Blackburn, Lancashire

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