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The Resting Tree

... placing the Selfwithin your wider landscapepopulated by symbols,imagery and archetypes...

the [full] story

Emotionally and personally, The Resting Tree was born in 1990 while I was crossing the street opposite the Church dedicated to St Christopher, in Udine. Everything that TRT is now, began then. At the time I didn't know that I had to go through getting married and then divorced, realise the addiction in my parents, deal with it in the best possible way [which means : very badly at the time], losing them both, realising I am an Adult Daughter of Alcoholics, move to a different country, start all over again, lose everything, gain a lot; lose everything again, gain more; be excruciatingly sad and lonely [my brain typed lovely instead of lonely!]; study psychotherapy, write books, deliver workshops, go back to college for an art foundation course, go to university and study art, train as a chaplain; decide to train as a supervisor and then to progress onto a PhD in Philosophy and Religion. One day I realised that it felt like I was back in the middle of that same street, where I wanted to work with artists and writers and religious / spiritual people and put all of this together in a very personal Venn diagram.

​In the midst of all this, I searched, looked, explored, pledged allegiance, gain and lost faith so many times. Life saw me kneeling, chanting, meditating, dancing, divination, praying, casting… All the time, there was something within me that told me that I had one “thing”, one “answer”, something that needed unravelling, right deep inside. Many told me that the journey was more important than the destination. I believed them, for a while. But that voice within was stronger. Now I know that I was right all along. In a sort of concentric circles spiralling extending through time, as a scared animal getting closer to an unknown hand that feeds him and that he so desperately wants to trust, I tiptoed with animist, pagan, shamanic and chthonic ideas all my life.


Was it that? It could be that. It can’t be THAT! Or, is it really that? Can I do that?



Welcome to The Resting Tree :

where psychotherapy, psychogeography, philosophy, spirituality, and art meet.

This is your alchemical lab. These are your "personal development therapeutic tutoring" [PDTT] sessions.

My name is Matilde. I am an artist, an MBACP + MNCPS eclectic existential psychotherapist, a writer, a researcher and a psychogeographer. I am intrigued by hidden connections, synchronicities, the uncanny and mystical, and I opted for a shamanic approach to life. I like to see the sessions as an alchemical process: we start with what you bring, with whatever ingredients are part of your life at the moment, whether you feel anxious, depressed, sad, lonely, that you don't belong anywhere, unheard, misunderstood, overwhelmed or unfulfilled. Our space and time together will turn into a laboratory.  I believe that the goal of the sessions is to awaken personal inner awareness, providing tools that will lead to personal individuation, while learning to listen and trust that voice within. 
I have years of experience in recovery, coaching and mentoring, therapeutic, philosophical, pastoral and existential work, through a creative and Jungian lens. I strongly believe in empowering people through education. My sessions are tailored for clients, PGR students, creatives and professionals who decide to choose a developmental therapeutic and/or supervisory process based on self-enquiry and transformation.

The sessions will see the integration of various models:
1. therapeutic - analytical, supportive and explorative grounded in Rogerian core conditions, with an existential perspective and integrating a Jungian approach;
2. coaching and mentoring - skill implementation, management of stress, directive to staying positive and grounded; tailored advice to setting and managing of goals, incl. but not limited to creating action plans, overcoming challenges or setbacks, working on mindset and accountability;
3. pastoral – support and enquiry about moral, existential and spiritual questioning;
4. professional –  the aspect of guiding someone, while assisting them in their learning to ensure good professional practice. Processing work is intended for planning, encouraging emotional well-being, and maintaining and facilitating clients’ competence, capability, self-esteem and effectiveness;
5. academic – where the learning is informed and incorporated by employing the art of keeping a mandatory personal handwritten journal, implementing various self-reflective tools and expanding one’s knowledge by reading extensively; my main interests have always revolved around spirituality and creativity, and where and how the two overlap. Hence, the exploratory journey includes sessions, reading, keeping a journal, and other creative means. As part of working with me, I ask all of my clients to journal following the structure of The Artist Way by Julia Cameron (here) and to read for example The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield (here) and its companion workbook (here). These are just seen as starting points to initiate a conversation. My interest is not in providing a new set of beliefs, but just a different viewpoint. Options of different literature and approaches (including some purely philosophical and / or spiritual) will be available;
6. philosophical - the application of philosophical skills, critical thinking, knowledge, and experience. Addressing the puzzles of one’s life through philosophical self-examination;

7. artistic - the creative implementation of artistic tools and practices in order to see one’s world in an original, unique and vibrant way.

I am aware that working holistically, eclectically and whole-encompassing in such a way, is profound. And potentially not easy. But, if you think, like me, that therapy at times is not enough and you would like to try some "personal development therapeutic tutoring" [PDTT], I am here for you. 

Re. SUPERVISION : currently I am enrolled in a L6 Diploma in Clinical Supervision course. My approach is the same as my therapeutic one and I am accepting supervisees during my training following the legal and requested guidance, at a discounted fee until the end of my course in MAY 2024. Re. COVID and Regulations: I am following the Government's latest regulations and I am offering both face-to-face and online sessions.

Re. COVID and Regulations: I am following the Government's latest regulations and I am offering both face-to-face and online sessions.


Fees per 50 or 80 therapeutic minutes

SINGLE one-off / top up / emergency sessions - £70 [60 min] or £100 [90 min]

RECURRING - £50 [60 min] or £70 [90 min]

For a traditional PA recurring approach [3 sessions per wk min] - £30 per session

Couples: £80 per session (Couples therapy will also include some 1:1 sessions at usual rates)

Archetypes & Tarot Sessions: £60 per single 1-hour session



SINGLE one-off/top up / emergency sessions - £50* [60 min] or £70* [90 min]

RECURRING - £50* [90 min]



max 5 ppl - £100 [90 min]

PLS enquire re. fees for workshops and visiting lecturer



  • 10 x 60-min sessions of recurring therapy pre-paid in advance : £430

  • Counselling / Therapy / PGR students : 10% discount / single recurring session [max 10 hours]

  • * supervision fees are until final accreditation. Fees will be increased accordingly thereafter

  • one session pre-paid in advance to cover for late cancellations, no-shows and final session

  • other options of workshops / lectures / tutoring / coaching available


Telephone / Local Outdoor / Remote Counselling: fees are as per in-person

(these new fees are in place from Mon 4 MAR 2024; old fees were unchanged from Mon 20 Sept 2021)



Mon - Sun > 8am - 2pm [whole year]

Mon - Thu > 5pm - 8pm [from OCT to MAR only]

Pls, get in contact to know the latest availability. Thank you.

Further information

  • I do work with adults and on a one-to-one basis, from home, unless otherwise agreed (see telephone and written counselling, or walk&talk):

  • I see clients only if they have previously pre-booked and pre-paid for the session with me; please, be mindful of the time which is dedicated only to you and arranged in a way to protect both your privacy, other clients, and my family members;

  • My fundamental values follow BACP’s. These are defined to protect both of us, in our therapeutic relationship, and also my own premises;

  • I share my space with Virgina and James, two cats. They don't participate in the sessions, but pls be mindful if you are allergic;

  • I use candles and incense before and during the sessions;

  • There is one step to enter the premises and no access to a bathroom.

​Further details regarding training, qualifications & experiences can be found on COUNSELLING DIRECTORY

Feel free to get in touch via email at:

[Please check your SPAM folder for the reply since sometimes this is where they end up]


MBACP ¦ MNCPS (Accred.)

Blackburn, Lancashire

March 2024

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