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tutorial /03.2– JH

I have met with tutor JH again, after a week and we discussed the work I did over the week in my dedicated sketchbook which I have posted pictures.

He suggested I look at Brian Eno’s cards Oblique Strategies, which I have bought on eBay since it seems hard to find them online in any other way (sorry, I’m not very fond of eBay for some reason not even known to me…). I know that there are apps with the cards, available online, and also whole print outs of the prompts I could have downloaded, but I think that the experience of find the card box, open it, and physically take a card out is much more real and fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


I have also received my copy of Art Practice as Research by Graeme Sullivan which I will read. All the previous book s I have mentioned are NOT yet in a proper list in Harvard format and in a new post. I am planning to do this and add a new post with updated bibliography soon.

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