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tutorial /02 – PL

I had a tutorial today with Pete L. We looked through the sketchbook, the plan and ideas for the FMP, and a couple of the blog posts on here, esp. the ones about mark-making. He looked esp. at some of the drawings/collage I have on my sketchbook and the Chinese drawing/calligraphy paper.

He admitted with me that the change in my practice is noticeable and then he suggested for me to look at some artists as for reference. These are:

Simon Lewty, Alan Dyer, Cy Twombly and Willem de Kooning

This I’ll do. Also, he told me that we will meet again next Tuesday to discuss my approach, university choice, and my practice.

I have to admit that this year, compared to last year, I feel the relationship with my tutors to be deeper, more constructive, and generically on a different and more mature level. This show me how much I have changed but also how much I have worked.

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