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performance drawing : experimenting 03

I am still looking for a name to give to the project, a brief definition, unique and personal but universal at the same time. And I believe that not having the “perfect wording” yet means that I haven’t defined nor circumscribed what I am intending to do, to a T.

In the meantime, I am linking here the two videos I made yesterday, this time not using the headphones but still listening to the music. YouTube silenced one of the songs, so you might hear just a couple of minutes of pure silence.

I am mesmerised by the synchronicity of the ad on Spotify at the end of video 01… but everything happens for a reason!

The description of the videos goes like this:

ethno-aesthetic gazing... or artistic scopophilia. Part of the practice-based research
on the concepts of seeing and being seen, the relationship between
the Maker and the Viewer, and on the self-reflection of the
Hawthorne effect, or the reactivity of being observed.
Expanding from artist-action, performance-drawing, etc. More info re. my practice on my website www.matildetomat.comMore info re. FMP and UAL/FAD at Blackburn College
on https://matildetomatualfadfmp2020.wor... As in the previous videos, I am listening to the playlist
"my writing vibe" that I have created on Spotify.


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