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performance drawing : experimenting 02

After the first experiment the other day – yesterday! – I decided to go larger and wider and louder. I have been listening to a compilation I made ages ago, on Spotify, titled “my writing vibe” and I collected cardboard pieces on the studio, propped them as good as I could, asked my fellow colleague M. to be as quiet as possible since I was recording, and off I went into my creative frenzy. I have made three videos of the process in order to make sure that something was recorded (not like the previous day!) and also because I felt I needed a break and I used Spotify’s ads break as breaks myself.

Here following are the three video I have also uploaded on YouTube:

Evaluation & Considerations:

  1. I still felt very comfortable in drawing. I was aware that Milena was there and other people could have gone in and out of the studio;

  2. I like working on a larger piece of cardboard and I have been using more drawing tools, including ink, gessos, wax, etc and the leftover pods of paint from LEGACY

  3. I haven’t felt as happy as the previous experiment and I am not so keen on the whole end process.

  4. at a certain point, I felt tired, thinking that I was being repetitive and boring, and that the work was really going nowhere.

  5. I did not like working on the white that much. I prefer the brown cardboard side of it way way more…

  6. Still, Milena told me that the piece is very much me and that she likes it. She likes the strong kinda blue on the right which instead I would like to tear apart and throw in the bin!

  7. I liked what I painted patches in black and wrote on it in white, or in light grey and wrote in darker colours

  8. I liked using graphite and gessos… SO MUCH!

  9. I don’t think the piece is actually finished… yet. I’ll decide next Tuesday when I will see it again

Here are the pictures I have taken. I have also to admit that I have used a piece of cardboard which was already stained by someone else.

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