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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

I know I am at college to learn techniques, skills, methodologies, and theory.

Still, when I can let go of all the paraphernalia surrounding art and all the talking and all the conditioning, [Me] as in the Real Me is allowed to come out and play. At that point, I know that the lessons learned *in my other profession* surface, and then I can really allow [Me] to simply be.


I have shown the one following to various people, from different walks of life, and most of them understood it. The ones who work with me during the week understood it straight away, and most of them liked it.

I love it.


SELF•REFL : I like its cleanness, its simplicity, its simple lines. I want to convey that message, the one about [perfection] and what it means to different people. I want to use my art (gosh, it’s the first time I use this sentence… my art!] to portray conditioning and the pain and hurt that I see on the faces of my client when I am in my role as a psychotherapist. I was looking at a brochure the other day which portrayed the concept of Kaos as equal to Creativity. I felt instead an emotional jolt inside! In my life, I make sense of Kaos, I allow people in pain to create their own sense of order; after hours of listening to clients in excruciating pain, I need to make sense and create order even in my own life. Art to me has the same function: order, simplicity, reducing to the bare minimum while finding a common denominator that anyone can understand. This is art to me, this is my life and I can only be congruent, and real.

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