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ooops & whoo-hoo

oops : well, I didn't post anything yesterday.

For the first time, I lingered in bed and then did lots of other things.

Then today I came down to Salford to enjoy its Clifford Whitworth Library where I am typing this now and longing to be back home experiencing a very long bath before travelling to London : whoo-hoo!

I am reading Possession at the moment (again, and again but this is the first time in English!) and I foresee that walking through London will be as exciting as its pages. I have planned to visit Hirst's Mandalas, Gormley at the RA, Hannesly at the Plaza, pop into the Sloane Museum of Oddities, press my nose against the windows of The School of Life, inspired by Rothko at the Tate and if I am crazy enough I might just travel to Margate to the Turner. Because, if you are already in London, travelling an extra 90 minutes on a Sunday afternoon it's ok just to admire some (more) paintings.

On Monday I absolutely want to go and see (again) my Rosetta Stone and marvel at more Mesopotamian masterpieces; and then sit, drink a coffee and journal at Waterstone in Piccadilly.

So, excuse me if you can if I haven't posted anything!

Now, I am more concentrating on the conundrum of shall I or shan't I bring my laptop with me? It's extra weight and there is a risk of it being stolen or damaged (I was about to write: hurt, so you know what I mean...). But then: I am a writer, I write. Will bringing my faithful journal be enough for me? Will I have time to write? If not, what book(s) shall I bring? Will Possession be enough? Or shall I make this a purely happy-go-lucky experience and read the fourth instalment of Rivers of London, which is there, in my bedroom, looking at me and wondering when I will pick it up?

So many questions, so little time.

See you at the other side of this trip 🖤

© mtomat 2019 - written on 01.11.19

Image : The Rivers of London © Stephen Walter 2014 : Photogravure etching on cotton Somerset paper

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