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my mark /01

I went back through Google Photos from Sept 2018 and looked at examples of my mark popping up unexpectedly or rushing in with an impellent need to be seen.

This exploration leads me now to the question: why am I so bothered in copying other people? Do I find that my mark signature is too boring? Too easy? Because, let’s admit that: it comes really easy. And it shouldn’t be THAT easy, shouldn’t it? If I want this to be considered ART (all capital) I should sweat…

So, here it’s what I found:

I am trying to group them with some sort of plan, but I am not so sure what this whole plan actually is, to be honest!

Here are some mapping ideas:

Some scribbling:

But I am thinking about my mark even when making other pieces:

Because I believe that my signature, who I am, comes out naturally in most of the things that I do when I don’t try to copy anyone, but simply when I am allowing me to be me, me to express herself.

This is it for SEPT OCT NOV and DEC 2018.

2019 up to now is in the next post.

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