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London WE02 PM

After a very short stop at the Imperial War Museum (which I did not visit bar for the Buddhist Garden), we all headed for the Tate Modern, bearing in mind that at 3pm our coach would have been outside to pick us up. You can imagine how much can someone see of the Tate Modern in such a short period of time:  barely the surface!

Just the building should have caught someone’s attention and should have deserved time to be appreciated. Then, all the works and pieces and installations, images and paintings, and sculptures, and assemblages, and videos, experiences… oh, so much! and not enough time…

So, here following please find a tiny selection of the incredible number of pictures I took, trying to take in as much as possible but barely touching the surface.

Therefore, I am not going to tell you anything about the Tate: just go.

Go there, immerse yourself in art, allow your boundaries to be shaken, your ideas to be contradicted, your points of view to be challenged, your judgements to be ignored.

Just go.

ps: I have just noticed how a picture I have taken (stolen, actually) of someone I don’t know and sitting on one of the sofas, reminds me of Hopper and his solitude…

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