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(it's only the) end of Jan

Where does time go?

Yes, I know, rhetorical question.

I have been busy: busy with life, work, and esp. college. Hitting all the deadline, making stuff (such as LEGACY) and doing my portfolio, applying to Universities and going to the first interviews.

I have been writing more on the college blog (here) about what I am doing.

But, alas, I haven't been writing much in the book. And I am going through a phase in which (again!) I feel I hate everybody. I am aware of my need for time and space to expand. I am juggling different things at once while craving for a holiday.

My body needs to leave and go somewhere where it can be fed, nourished and hugged.

So, this very brief post is just to say that I am still alive and I am still very much working and doing things.

While promising myself to dedicate more time to the book...

onwards and upwards!


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