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influenced by et admiring

Sit there, and I will tell you a story.

A story of a little girl in a very large house. A little girl surrounded by this:

When I jokingly say that my style is pre-Ikea, I don’t lie. I am a pre-Ikeanist, and very proudly so. Those above are the objects that we had, or the academic side of the family had, or the architects and designers and artists of the family mentioned and handled and had.

Friends of the family were Giorgio Celiberti, Luciano Ceschia, Gino Valle, and Gianni Avon. Valle designed the famous Cifra Clock in 1965. Elena Avon, daughter of Gianni, and her husband Pietro Tomat (my uncle) created the installations for both exhibitions: I Longobardi at Villa Manin di Passariano in 1990, and Palmanova Fortezza d’Europa in 1993, besides the rest of their production.

I breathed art, design, beauty, elegance, dedication, balance, style for most of my life. Sometimes I am even wondering if I am not an artist myself but simply someone “who has a certain eye…”

During these first weeks at College, I have reaffirmed my passion for

Marina Abramovic:

Christo and Jeanne-Claude:

Tracey Emin:

Philippe Stark:

And discovered (among all the most well-known names I will not mention here in this blog)…

Ben Nicholson:

Tony Cragg:

Gerhard Richter:

Pat Steir:

I look amazed and in wonder at their work and really it makes me wonder if I am simply someone who has a certain eye…

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