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#guerrilla book-sharing /2

While waiting for Wales to open up post-Covid, I went back to Morecambe to leave book #2. And I also sneaked to see if book #1 was still there or in the bin (which would have been just so so sad…)

It was a bit difficult to leave book #2 because the Hotel was closed, of course, but the bar area was open as a takeaway so I had first a coffee and an ice cream and then I went back to leave the book on the table next to the sugar and spoons…

So, I spent part of the day walking around and checking on location, walking on the beach and enjoying the day, finally walking to see the installation in Heysham I have heard about but never saw before, and basically having some good time, while listening to my own version of the audiobook of “a thoudsand names”.

I also spend part of the following day taking some pictures of myself with the book since I have been asked to send some to Blackburn College and IE TV Londra (more on a following post).

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