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#guerrilla book-sharing

It is here!

And it feels good! Good to look at, good to touch, good to read.

I am so so so pleased it’s unbelievable and I have then decided to leave a couple of copies where I wrote part of the book and which are important to me: i.e. Heysham, Morecambe, and Menai Bridge. Unfortunately, due to the COVID Welsh restrictions, I can’t drive to Wales yet so today I went instead to Heysham to leave the first copy on the bench where I walked to in March this year, just before the lockdown, while I was staying in that B&B in Morecambe. Heysham has always been a favourite place of mine, regardless: it is where I scattered part of my mother’s ashes when she died, on Mother’s day 2009 and it is the very first outcrop of rocks after miles and miles of sand; and it is the same rock you would find in North Wales: hence, the connection.

So, today I drove there, had a wonderful picnic by myself trying the new stove I just bought and then I walked to leave book #1:

It felt “strange”: it felt like leaving a child behind. Oh, it was wrapped and with a note and I know it is just a book! but it is my book, and a book I am particularly proud of.

Then, I went for a walk in the area, again:

And when I walked back to the car I checked if the book was still there or not and I could not really see anything, but for the fact that a couple of people were walking past and having a look. So, I bid the book goodbye and drove to Morecambe.

There is a specific place there where I want to leave copy #2 but it was closed… which means I will drive back another day! and then, I will only need to drive to Menai Bridge and leave a copy there. Or two…

The ad I am running now on Facebook and Instagram is performing well but I don’t know if that will translate into sales or not. I am always thinking that I need ONE PERSON, the RIGHT PERSON to read the book and then it will take off. How do I find this right person? How long do I have to wait? Does anybody know the rightbody? HOw does it really work looking for and finding an agent?!


In the meantime I have written a couple of more lyrics for the musician in Italy and I have been offered a live interview on the Italian TV in London on Monday 15th at 7pm…

tutto bene!

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