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experimenting /03

Today wasn’t a good day.

Today saw me angry and frustrated and questioning the whole point of me being here.

Today I wanted to walk out of the College and leave everything behind.

Today I felt unsupported and that the whole process here is a mockery.

So, instead, I went into the plaster room and got dirty.

I used plaster, Ciment Fondue, and I added sand I collected from Crosby beach when away with the course. I really liked the consistency of the material, how malleable it feels. How it adapts and rolls within the fingers. I like the marble effect.

Still: 1. I don’t know how all this will react once dry; and 2. I don’t know what I will use all these pieces for and what I am doing them for. I don’t know what I am going to create, I don’t know anything, today.

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