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experimenting /02

Back into the studio today and I brought some nail varnish with me because I wanted to see how it would work on some of the pieces I did.

Just to see.

Just have a feel of a potential final product.

[even though I am aware I have written anything yet about the FMP in reality…]

I actually like the feel of the varnish on the cement.

One thing I do not like very much is how the cement lost its colour and it turned into a very very pale grey. I am wondering if I could add some colour to plaster and what effect that would bring to a final dry piece… something else to test!

I was also reminded of the Muratti colours when I was younger. The company was founded in Constantinople by Greek tobacco trader Basil Mouratoglou, in 1821. He moved the company to Western Europe in the 1880s, after the Ottoman Empire monopolized the tobacco industry—in 1885 the company was established in Berlin/Germany, and in 1887 in London/Great Britain. It is currently owned and manufactured by Philip Morris International. [thank you Wikipedia]. There was a large use of a very simple and minimalistic line drawing and choice of colours in car interiors, design, home furniture, and clothing than stem from Muratti and Philip Morris.

Anyway, here are some examples of the finished tests. I have to add that they also feel very nice: the masked roughness of the cement and then the smoothness of the varnish! Yes, happy me, a very happy me!

I don’t know… they remind me of boats, maybe? Little paper boats? There is something just simple and beautiful.

onwards and upwards 🖤 

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