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… in all of this (if you have read my previous posts), within all my minimalism, and neat lines, and the search for purity, and the making sense of chaos, I have decided to take a risk, and be excessive. Just to put stuff on, not to censor my Self, and see where these experiments would take me. C’mon, Matilde, try: use colours, they are not going to kill you!

Here are some examples:

oh, the cacophony of those attempts!

I have to admit, though, that I had fun: it was liberating, at times thrilling, and also I have to concede how much I don’t know about tools and materials. But as a little girl in a sweet shop, I have so much more to look forward to with a sense of wonder. Further, I have noticed how, regardless of the material used, my lines are still there, my hidden minimalism in a way or another, shows itself.

I liked the experiment using a collage of newspapers and my own poetry and writing to create the following two pieces:


There is a wilder part of me that wants to express herself.

I have tried what I would call “hypnotic painting“: I found a space in the studio, a large sheet of paper, colours, headphones, a piece of music I like on repeat. I closed my eyes, and just let whatever was inside to come out. Unfortunately, I was very conscious that I wasn’t alone in the studio, and hence could not start jumping up and down or sing along the song and send myself into a deeper (allowed!) altered state. Regardless, this is what came out:


I would like like to try alone and see what else can come out. One of the tutors (KS) told me that it would be nice to try and reproduce it three-dimensionally in wire. Why not? At this point, I am ready to try anything!

Still, the best piece (in my own opinion) that I have created is the following. Again, it’s one of those pieces described as “nothing new, everything done before” type of art, but simply because I have discovered Pat Steir and her Dragon Tooth Waterfall [just pure love and admiration…]:

Of course, hers is the one on the left, and mine is the one on the right. I did not want to reproduce her work, nor the Dragon Tooth Waterfall. I used chalk instead of paint and I added my own lines (!) and circles.

I like my work, I like how it looks live, I like the feel it has, the vibes it gives out and I loved making it.

I want more of that…

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