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doodle vs art vs just me

Here they come, extracts of my journals:

And I have been left with the query of where do doodles end, and art begins.

Doodle is defined as a scribble, a drawing, done with the mind elsewhere, when someone’s attention is otherwise engaged. None of the drawings above has been made while  I was thinking about something else, or I was on the phone, or daydreaming, or in a conversation with someone else. All those drawings saw me fully concentrated on what I was doing. They were experiments. I have put the same type of dedication (not the same amount of care and attention) in those above and the ones following:

I would consider and define them more “artistic” than the ones further up. Is it the different paper? Or because they are in journals, which you use primarily for writing, while the last ones are on a proper sketchbook? The one on the right has actually being created on purpose to be given as a present to a dear friend: is it the different purpose that makes it art? Or only artistic?

What about the following examples?

My own manipulation and presentation of words. Are these works of art? Or are they works of art simply because the location is nonetheless that the Tate Gallery in Liverpool? [see previous post for some more thoughts, here]. The very top one was already created by someone else, but because I cannot keep my hands in my pockets I added the label UNITELLIGIBLE at the top, to the words to discuss, after of course, I corrected its spelling [!]; the following one is a creation of mine: I so do love to play with words and I liked the idea of exemplifying proletarian discourse (as if it weren’t easy enough in itself, but maybe not within the use of the word exemplify…). And, of course, loneliness had to be stuck there, by itself. Relegated. We do not want loneliness and we simply ostracise it. Look at me, making loneliness lonely!


So, where is art, in all of this? Where is my art, in all of this?

I know I sound confused, but I am getting closer to decide my specialism and I have no idea what-so-ever of where I fit and what is the best path for me to follow.

The curse of the ostracism…

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