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before nothing

I have written, created a mind map, and paced up and down this library trying to make sense of my ideas.

And then, while flicking through some books and jotting down more ideas, I have come up with what I believe is the perfect synthesis of my project:

before nothing

Because the viewer sits and watches a white canvas turning into a painting / drawing but which is Nothing until the artist says that it is finished;

Because the Artist, as human-in-a-cage to be observed and analysed, is Nothing, she is The Other.

Because a white sheet of paper is empty, void, full of infinite possibilities, but until the first mark is drawn, it is Nothing.

And we are both, the Maker and the Viewer standing before Nothing, within the dichotomy of Nothing being potentially Everything.

I have written up a proposal / opportunity brief since I have read online that there are a couple of galleries who offer spaces to test work even as research. Hence, this write-up.

Here is the document, as an attached *.pdf . I have also sent a copy of this document to tutors KS and JH for feedback.

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