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3D – 02

3D Mon Amour…

Again, what an experience!

This time I worked more with plaster and a series of bottles and containers. I skipped altogether the exercise with clay, and dived heart first and hands second, into plaster.

My mind was racing: can I colour / die plaster? What would happen if… why don’t I try…

I have filled three little jars I had at home, and then found a lot of pleasure in control smashing them, in order to save the glass pieces and met them in the kiln (!).

Then, I filled another container, together with some leftovers of clay, and created this sort of base that reminded me of some tombs excavated in the rock. I spent then the following couple of hours just cleaning and polishing and emptying and sanding down the pieces.

And then the idea came: the idea of creating a church, a memory for the 1976 earthquake in Friuli and its 978 dead. There is more to come, more that needs to be done, planned, sketched, thought, experimented, tried.

And possibly cried.

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