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The Truth Seeker

The video HERE is not the piece; but it is the piece at the same time. And who am I to say who are the Truth Seekers?

Whose voice is calling my name? Is my mother's voice? Is it the voice of any woman? And the feet shuffling in a Church? Or my feet pacing, looking, checking? Whose feet? Going where? And the frames? Whose frames? Looking at what? What is the difference between this frame and the ones in the picture? The ones mounted in the piece? Or the ones waiting on the floor?

What are you looking at?

Can you hear the fire?

Is, what we see, the same or different?

Whose reality is it?

Are the shadows more important than the frames?

Tell me, what are you looking at?

What do you see?

Is this piece for me?

Or is it for you?

... and, can you listen to my voice?

Again, can you hear the fire?


What are you looking at?

The frames?

The totems?

The map?

The whole?

From which angle?

Is your angle different from my angle?

I cannot tell you about Truth, about αλήθειας. I cannot show you the shadows in the cave, if shadows is all you know. I might tell you to read Plato, or Heidegger on Plato, or Young on Heidegger on Plato. Just sit, and stay.

And if something bores you, stay for longer.

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