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This is the introductory evening workshop which will explore Shame from a theoretical, experiential and especially creative perspective. We will explore Shame from the philosophical, spiritual and psycho-therapeutic perspectives; we will talk and share, meet and experience, confide and maybe dream, and turn our story around. The participants will learn various shades of Shame, explore and safely share their experience of the emotion, creatively de-mystify its importance, with the hope of regaining control on an automatic reaction. We will learn if evolutionary reactions are still valid today, and how to be more aware of what we feel. This is the original intense 2-hour experience, which will allow for a more personal exploration while hopefully leading to a greater assertiveness, questioning Shame also when linked to control, creativity and gratitude. 

Shame & Creativity - 2 hr

  • Matilde Tomat is not only an artist but a BACP registered eclectic therapist with years of experience in private practice, tutoring, mentoring and delivering workshops. This workshop would normally begin at 7.30 pm and finish at 9.30pm.

    Fees and Costs are for the Speaker only. Room, breaks and refreshments, handouts and transport are to be calculate aside. 

    Please, feel free to contact Matilde Tomat via email at for more detailed info.

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