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This 2 hr - workshop focuses on Pindaric flights, the arcane and the uncanny, imagination, intuition, and creativity. Seen as a means to unleash potential and allow freedom of thinking, collaboration and connectivity are the basis of this experience. Informed by Deleuze and Guattari, this rhizomatic approach is the foundation of Matilde Tomat's research.

As per any other workshop, pls contact Matilde via email at

archetypes, rhizomes, and creativity - 2 hr

  • Matilde Tomat is not only an artist but a BACP registered eclectic therapist with years of experience in private practice, tutoring, mentoring and delivering workshops. This workshop would normally begin at 7.30 pm and finish at 9.30pm.

    Fees and Costs are for the Speaker only. Room, breaks and refreshments, handouts and transport are to be calculate aside. 

    Please, feel free to contact Matilde Tomat via email at for more detailed info.

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