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wk 02 : saturday

I drove back. I have learned, in this process, that should I find myself in a difficulty, I can still drive home and drive back in the morning. If I plan it properly and I make sure I sleep enough (and eat enough) everything is doable. I did not mind the drive and Saturday the motorway is clearer and the drive was good. Still, I have to admit that when I got there I felt tired and I only managed to work for about three hours solid.

In the end, I thought that it was my weekend and that I was entitled to a relaxing time and that it was ok if I didn't finish everything.

Another thing I realised is that I am so happy when I am alone in the large studio, working by myself. I got my Berocca to drink, a coffee and some music, the whole space and I could have danced if I wanted to.

I felt also happy because all of my glued cups are still there (!) - not only in the studio but still glued on the cardboard! - and that when I let my imagination go and I start making stuff following my gut feeling, I make things I like. For example, this new direction the lantern has taken. I decided to draw and cut my wonky daisies on some cardboard and use them as supporting frames for the wet strength rice paper. I created a mixture of willow - windows like in The Shambles but also some of my daisies. I am happy how it looks and I am looking forward to seeing the lantern next Thu!

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