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whites + chaos

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

I have researched artists who work in a monochromatic way esp. since I remember visiting a whole room at Tate Modern about whites and monochrome, which is part of my experimentation within The Gallery space I have been given.

Here is the file I have created with material downloaded from the Tate main website Painting With White here. I have also added more artists and art works which are still exhibited at the Tate Modern, but are not in the White Room.

I will refer to this document further and in other posts FMP painting with white _ tate

I have also down some extra research and collected material about artists who try to make sense of Chaos with their practice – see F. Bacon for example, and idea of entropy and homeostasis in art. I have found a couple of journal articles and a dissertation I have downloaded and will read while doing experimentation and more sketching in my journal.

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