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tutorial /06 – KS wpt +feedback

The last one for 2019.

We discussed the plan from last week and together we worked through my UCAS application since my qualifications are different, not being British, and also since I am a mature student. The application is now finished and I am awaiting funds in order to pay online and send. All of this will be done before the end of the year, with plenty of time.

We discussed the need for me now to wind down and chill and catch up with theory, academic work, reading and writing, after having finished the piece LEGACY. She agreed with me that I can take now this time over Christmas to do all of the above and also collect images of the work done in order to create the portfolio to present at uni interviews. So, time to be retrospective!

As in task, I will also need to start thinking and recollecting ideas re. the FMP; the critique has been moved to after Christmas since most students will not be in. I am sad about this. Of course, we make work because we want it to be seen. LEGACY is up there, and when I went to look at it yesterday it felt bright, beautiful, and I was very proud of myself, proud of my work, of my journey. Today, I feel I am abandoning it because no one is going to see it.


Kim and I went to see the piece together as part of the tutorial and she liked it: she liked the shades of the colours used, how I have used the space, my progression and discovery of how I work best. She found it aesthetically very coherent, but she has questioned why the white pieces of paper with the partners have been placed on the brown cardboard covering part of the drawing: do they disappear? She was wondering why they have not been allocated their own space. I explained the reasons behind my choice [including making sense of chaos]; she also understand the constraints of the confined space of the corridor and that there wasn’t physical space. I told her how I explored other areas: over the wall, above and below the brown cardboard, below the white boxes, but I have not recorded my tests (!). We both agreed on the concept behind the performance of drawing and making the piece. And potentially creating something similar while being seen, and then the final piece left to be seen by visitors, and then allowing them to take some pieces away.

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