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tutorial /05 – KS wpt

Had the weekly meeting/tutorial with KS in which we discussed the weekly progress tracker wpt for 10 DEC:

  1. I have shown the progress in the Gallery – Corridor space

  2. I have shown the plan re. what I wanted to create

  3. We discussed UCAS application and Personal Statement

  4. Discussed also the new bags etc I have been creating

  5. We mentioned the issue of the disabled girl but also that I managed to work around the situation

  6. I told her that my plan for the day was to go back there, add the other pieces, and that if I were happy, I would have considered this stage of the process as finished, and that I was ready for critique and feedback

I also had a quick tutorial with JH regarding the Personal Statement, which he suggested (as KS previously said) to simply re-structure by moving a couple of paragraphs, but not tore-write it because it was good.

Then, I packed all my bags and with the help of a colleague I went to Victoria Building to work on my piece.

Tomorrow I will be in York for the Winter Open Day

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