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tutorial /04 – KS wpt

Had the weekly meeting/tutorial with KS in which we discussed the weekly progress tracker wpt for 03 DEC:

  1. I have generated more pieces, work, blogged, and visited the Gallery and Exhibition with Milena;

  2. I have followed the suggestions by JH re. artists to look at;

  3. I am paying attention to my own status of awareness re two things:

  4. the dichotomy between what I want to create, the idea I have in mind and then what I do physically create: why does this happen? Why am I not happy about the outcome?

  5. the feeling of fear I sense and experience re. going to The Gallery in Victoria Building and start creating, experiencing, drawing… making stuff.

We have then agreed that I will start working there, and think about the space, think about what I want to visitors to experience, think about my own change in making: is there any change? Do I respond to materials, ideas, processes, pieces in a different way now that I have that space and now that I work in that space?

Will refer back!

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