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the STONE : cyclicity

Happy New Year of the Ox and Happy New Moon in Aquarius.

Here I am with this baggage of what happened during the week: Pluto, Kali, Ma, plus two very enlightening tutorials where I felt heard and accepted and gently pointed at looking at some artists which could inform my practice furthermore. Then, during a critique, I decided to show part of this new work I am doing, while trying to pacify these two sides of me. I was challenged in destroying a part of my work in order to reassemble it in a different format, or way, or shape. There, I was able to look at my work in a completely different light. And I felt comfortable.

Anyway, it's Saturday and here I am ready for my reading when not one, not two, not three but five Archetypes Cards jump out, and want to be placed in a specific order.

I haven't yet made full sense of this reading, so part of me hopes that by writing this, this will be clearer by the end.

The first thing that caught my eyes was the predominance of the #7; and if we were to add up all the numbers, that would get us 259, which reduces itself to 7, of course! Seven is considered the number of perfection, completeness. I could write a lot about that but here is a link if you are interested in some of the symbolism. I have noticed how the UNSEEN is on the left and the RING is on the right. It feels like a journey from one to the other via the WOMB and ALETHEIA, and a TEAR.

Whatever is UNSEEN is close to me, my guides are near, a door is ajar. There is a need to listen to the innermost chamber (Is this the WOMB?). This is a gift that needs to be treated kindly and the guidance might not be comfortable but the spirit world always speaks the truth (ALETHEIA! Now it makes more sense...). Forgiveness is paramount! The WOMB awaits my return: the Mother beyond the Mother; she is within me, as much as I am within her.

[Here I was feeling strongly a sense of "read the Celestine Prophecy again and connect with the sea / ecology / conservation"]

L'Origine du Monde - Gustave Courbet (1866)

The question is: who is the Mother of Mother Earth?

By stepping towards this Truth, there is a resonance. A vibration. What is the sound of Truth? What is the sound of my voice when I speak my Truth? Can I speak the Truth even with my artwork? (This has so many connections with the work we did in Semester 1 on Heidegger and the Truth of an Artwork, I don't even know where to start explaining...)

Is this going to be my Dharma? Kim Krans asks me to look at Ma'at (do you remember my previous post?! Talk about synchronicity!).

Ma'at is the ancient Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, harmony, and balance (a concept known as ma'at in Egyptian) who first appears during the period known as the Old Kingdom (c. 2613 - 2181 BCE) but no doubt existed in some form earlier. She is depicted in anthropomorphic form as a winged woman...

More of all this on here for the ones interested. I just found fascinating the connections with me, the MA of my meditation, my name MATilde, me being a double Libra, the idea of Justice and Truth linked as in Temperance, which has the same colours of blue and red of Kali. Just saying.

The RING asks me to deepen my connection to the Self, and the Other and to look at mandalas, Unus Mundus, Ouroboros, or the Medicine Wheel. See everything as cyclical and infinite, as part of a cosmic circularity where the Micro is the same as the Macro.

And finally, the TEAR, reminds me that there is grieving to do and that tears allow us to see the unseen as through a magnifying glass (can you see the cyclicity of the Tear connecting me back to the UNSEEN of the beginning?)

Then, it was the time for the I Ching:

again, never disappointed! I got #1 leading to #13

For the purists, if you have three moving lines, you consider only the middle one. Hence, the Upper Trigram is HEAVEN, the Lower one is HEAVEN again, changing into FIRE. The two hexagrams are hence INITIATING and SEEKING HARMONY.

Initiating is "the source of all beings / where clouds flow and rain falls / all beings complete their form". There is only one way to Initiation, and that is through change and transformation. The principle of Nature and Creation is considered the ideal model of human conduct (i.e. Ma'at...). If we are looking for equilibrium, all our actions should follow the way of Heaven, in accord to time and circumstances: follow the way of Nature. If you are hungry, you eat, if thirsty, you drink. Also, follow the way of a superior person: in this way you will obtain the four attributes of Heaven: initiation, prosperity, steadfastness, and favourableness.

The time is now coming, and the situation is suitable: a great person is on the central path. Seek guidance from someone who is great in virtue and / or experience. Then, define goal and direction! Tong ren yu ye : seek harmony among people, in a spirit of equality so peace will then be possible.

I cannot help but think that the harmony between two people is the pacifying of the opposites I wrote before, my two extremes.

This had me thinking:

What if, instead of using my usual whites, I use my coloured paintings, which I cut down to size, to create my work?

Could that work?


I shall see you all next time.

in the meantime, ad maiora!


© mtomat 2021 - written on 13022021 - no reproduction without permission.

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