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self-isolation day 31

yap… over a month. My very first day was Friday 13th and today is Easter Monday.

Last week has been hard. Emotionally and spiritually. I have a lot of questions re. the futility of this role of the artist while there are people out there who help others, who care, who are doctors, nurses, carers, ambulance drivers. Not artists.

Still, I have tried to do my part, esp as a student. So I have:

  1. constantly updated my confessional podcast on here:

  2. framed all of my work available for sale, and put it on my website for sale! on here

  1. explored the connection between artistry and spirituality and my role in all of this – personal journal but discussed also in the podcast; I’m wondering which one is my Dharma…

  2. reviewed my website, moved pages around, and cleaned it a bit

  3. started making some new work, even though I am not so sure where this is going to take me

  1. I have been contacted by an old friend from back home in Italy who knows I write and he composes music. Basically, he is looking for his Mogol, or Bernie Taupin if you’re British. There is something that might start in there. Lyrics anyone?!

I have to admit that I keep on having connections with art and writing these days. I am not so sure where I am heading, but the synchronicities and coincidence are not something I am prepared to dismiss.

till nxt time…

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