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New Moon in Scorpio and I decided to do nothing.

Really nothing.

Absolutely and utterly nothing.

I am allowing for time to pass. For ideas to flow. For energy to move within and without and re-position itself. For healing to happen.

Yesterday I spent the day on this sofa: some brief engagements with the world and then just watching a whole TV series, under a blanket and covered in cats.

I burned all those letters and notes and cards and words I do not want to carry with me into my next cycle. It was good and cathartic. I think that now I am just readjusting to new vibrations and energy. The weather also does not help. And I still haven't received the result to my MA thesis; which is a tad frustrating.

Today the mantra is: it is possible.

If it happens, it happens; if it doesn't, it will at some point.

As a for of "letting go" I will not even share this post. This is mainly a touching base for myself. I am still here, but today - as yesterday - I am simply allowing.

Second coffee now.

so, onwards + upwards > out + about



Date : 13 NOV 2023

Duration : ----

Steps: ----

Location : home

Weather : too cold to go out & New Moon energy

T : cold & damp & dreadful

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