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reserv·ātiō /21

synchronistic events abound!

I don't really know where I am going with all of this, I mean: this entry. In the end, regardless of what I wrote yesterday, I felt called to go back to EliðiRr. The walk was compelling. I just needed to be there. I decided to try... decided?! not so sure. Anyway, I placed my right wrist on his phloem and my left hand on my heart and closed my eyes. Then, something happened: I felt my body sway left to right and back; I opened my eyes and I was still perfectly standing, no vertigo, no anxiety. So, I closed my eyes again and the moment I consciously focused on my breath, the experience happened again, like a current, no! like rocking, gently. And then I had this "idea welling up", this is the only way I can describe it. The concept, once in words that make linguistic sense and still resonate with the experience speaks of "alchemy+art+nature+more alchemy+analysis" in a kind of almost reprimanding tone: you have wasted enough time, you know what you have to do, focus on what is important*.


Ok, then...


Following this, last night I had a dream of which I do not remember the details besides that I was allowed to sneak into a warehouse full of stands [?] that reminded me of market stalls, but I know it was a warehouse. Full of men working. The important points I remember are that it had to do with me being sneaked into this man-managed place, hiding; computer chips or memories are there somewhere; also mustard-colour working boots seemed to enter into this equation. But the most important thing and that basically woke me up was that at one stand - managed by a guy who really looked like Josh Duhamel in "Safe Haven" [because: why not?!] I found LEAD WEIGHTS, something I wasn't really looking for but I was so happy when I saw them, that I woke myself up: Lead weights! Lead weights!

Well, lead is the base metal par excellence in alchemy, one of the 7 planetary metals; the one that started it all, at the beginning of the process of turning base metals into gold. Also - and here I am throwing ideas which might or might not be relevant - it is connected with Saturn [grounding and boundaries, durability and transformation] also known as the Greek Kronos. French use the terminology - that we also use in Italy - of being "aplomb" as in showing self-confidence and assurance, poise and self-possession. "Plomb" of course being Pb: Piombo or Lead. As in employing a lead weight, or the lead line, this has been used as a masonic symbol indicating verticality, stability, inner equilibrium, spiritual quest, justice, truth, and of course moral integrity. Being the base metal of all alchemical processes, it also indicates going back to the beginning, back to the roots, back to what is important and from what everything else stems.

In order to make sense of all of this, I am having a look at Jeffrey Raff's Jung and the Alchemical Imagination which I find inspiring and very educational. I am armed with my "spectacle of insight, lamp of consciousness and staff of inner authority" as per Michael Maier's 1618 Atalanta Fugiens. I am basically embodying the Hermit tarot card while following Sophia Wisdom on this never-ending synchronistic journey...

more next time!

onwards + upwards > out + about


* re. this experience, I am looking at the following paper: Characteristics of Kundalini-Related Sensory, Motor, and Affective Experiences During Tantric Yoga Meditation by Richard W. Maxwell and Sucharit Katyal in Front. Psychol., 30 June 2022 - Sec. Consciousness Research - Volume 13 - 2022 |


Date : 27 OCT 2023

Duration : 00:59:13 3.80km

Steps: 4,961

Location : Turton & Entwistle Reservoir

Weather : covered

T : just felt cold, again

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