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reserv·ātiō /20

I was in the City. I did not go to the reservoir, I did not walk among my trees, I did not hug them, I did not speak to EliðiRr and there is a part of me that feels disconnected but also thrilled and excited and happy that I actually "travelled". I mean, it takes me about 40 minutes to drive to Mancunia, so not this big of a journey, but I always manage to make it interesting and different. I love the drive along the M65 and then M66, it reminds me of a beautiful windy road up in my mountains in the North East of Italy. I like the hills, nature, and horses. I love sipping coffee off a flask when driving and treating myself to a small bar of white chocolate. I love the vibe of when you hit the city knowing fully well that you are going to leave by the end of the day and revert to looking at hills, nature and horses. I like the buzz of the city, the second coffee, the fast-paced afternoon, the shopping lights, the different smells and people, clothes and perfumes, accents and buildings. Just because I know that then I will be back here, at home.

I miss the walk, though. Part of me thought about even driving there, to the car park, just to feel closer to the trees. But I felt tired, weak and very hungry and I needed to get home. I carry my trees within me, anyway. I carry EliðiRr with me, in my heart, at all times. I know I am a woman of the liminal spaces: this being neither here nor there, between tangible reality and enchantment. And to remind myself that, it is good for me to go from the extreme of the buzzing city to the silence of my altar. And to feel at home both in the city and when secluded. These following days will see me again moving to various places, with diverse people, in different natural settings. These following days will be distinct. The usual me, always ready to pack and go, is just slightly apprehensive, which is a first. I am wondering if I got so used to my almost-daily dragon encounter that I found a sense of comfort, of almost "controlling" whatever goes on within and without.

Learn to lean into the fear: going away, these following days, is good.

till next time:

onwards + upwards > out + about



Date : 26 OCT 2023

Duration : -----

Steps: -----

Location : Salford & Manchester

Weather : unidentifiable

T : just felt cold

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