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Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Things seem to be at a standstill. I have spent the day walking, conversing, and reading Jung's Alchemical Studies. There is this very beautiful chapter on The Philosophical Tree which shines a light on the nature of reality, alchemical approaches and psychological inner workings. I am trying to look at my tree-dragon [or dragon-tree?!] EliðiRr without... thinking. I have placed my wrists on his exposed phloem and received... nothing. It's a "nothing kinda day" and maybe [!] this is where I have to be. I brought incense and I collected resin: the scents complement themselves so nicely. I have also thought for a week now how to adorn EliðiRr with a ribbon or something. I feel I want to do it and then I forget to bring anything with me. Maybe for this coming full moon / eclipse in Taurus that is coming up?

I am rethinking about Xavier De Maistre's A Journey around My Room and his 42 days in the same space. I had images of me walking in another wood, at another reservoir. I miss the sea and I know I will be in Manchester tomorrow and then away for the weekend... who will look after EliðiRr my dragon? I am thinking about this medieval concept of the familiar spirit and of course, reminded of Northern Lights / His Dark Materials by P Pullman and how I first heard of the series while driving my car down to Taplow Court some years ago and about how the stories are based in Oxford and how all of this hit me when I was in Oxford myself this summer. Where am I going with this?! No idea. But I like the idea of thinking of EliðiRr as my alter-ego, maybe... my spirit[ual] companion. There is a book, somewhere, in this living room, I bought some time ago, about dragons... title and author elude me now... let me think, let me think... here it is! Marie Brennan's A Natural History of Dragons: I am feeling a very happy woman now!

till next time:

onwards + upwards > out + about



Date : 25 OCT 2023

Duration : 1:30:22 4.17km

Steps: 5,459

Location : Turton and Entwistle Reservoir

Weather : unidentifiable

T : 13° -ish

pls see:

Alchemical Studies. Collected Works #13 by CG Jung HERE

If interested, pls feel free to ask for more reading references.

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