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reserv·ātiō /04

"The seal woman returns to the sea, not because she just feels like it, not because today is a good day to go, not because her life is all nice and tidy – there is no nice and tidy time for anyone. She goes because it is time, and therefore she must.” [Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run with the Wolves]

Again, the weather today was horrendous and even though I still needed a body of water, I chose to walk along the canal closer to home. There is always water in my meandering: the reservoirs, the canal, the beach either at Lytham or Southport; the outcrops at Heysham, the promenade at Morecambe, the expanse of the whole of North Wales. Worst-case scenario, it's the Marina in Preston with its docks.

Either way, it is water, its softness and the hidden danger that attracts me, like a hug which could turn into choking. Emotions are like that: they have a way of surprising you, they sneak up on you, they make you jump.

Neptune is there, both creator and destructor, to send you into the world, to protect you from its pain but also to decide when it is time to let go and come home.

The amount of air that feeds me from within and without as a double Libra, my thinking and elucubrations, my readings and ponderings need water to dampen the excitement. I need rain against the window to sleep, water on my skin to feel loved, feet in the sea to sense freedom. I hear the calls of whales as sisters and recognise the wisdom of large turtles as eternal teachers.

Water. There is always water.


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Date : 5 OCT 2023

Duration : 36:35 - 2.79 km

Steps: 3,606

Location : along the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Blackburn

Weather : rain

T : 14°

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