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Entwistle Reservoir

There has been some more thinking after the realisation in a previous post about being a traveller, a seeker, a pilgrim at heart and that writing is actually what I do. This also confirmed all other memories of my travelling with my granddad Romano when I was younger [and how much I still miss it/him now] and how a bag was always ready next to the entrance, just because... you never know. Well, we knew because we experienced earthquakes often, and that plastic bag ended up containing torches, batteries, a kilo of pasta, candles, toothpaste and a couple of pairs of socks. Just random things that we thought could save our lives. This is why there is always a bag in the boot of my car in the event of, you never know, I decide to camp out, stay out, or not come home.

I am a gipsy at heart.

My mum #2 always describes me as restless. I don't think I am. I simply think that there are other horizons out there I would like to see, more food to taste, wines to drink, seas to swim in, stars to watch, beds to sleep in, and love to make. There is only this life, this one life, now, that we know of. And I am already 56... My father died at 57 and I do not want to end up regretting not having gone, moved, explored, or tried.

So, the big big question I have been asking myself this past week was: what is it about travelling that is so fascinating? Just getting out of the house? Because if it is just leaving the house [as in the previous post I do have issues with money, two cats and a job that do not allow me to leave today and not come back tomorrow] I could simply go out of the house, every day, drive to the usual large beautiful reservoir - or any other around here - have a walk around it and then write about that... if leaving the house is the only motivation to "travel".

Hence, inspired by my psychogeographic readings and especially by Xavier De Maistre's A Journey around My Room, I have decided like him to take 42 days off and drive to my usual reservoirs and to write about it. Hopefully, at the end of these 42 days around bodies of water, I will get to the point of what travelling is giving me, what it is that I am missing. What it is that I am looking for. Maybe looking at the same things with different eyes, noticing changes, focusing on the matter at hand while being out will increase my sense of receptivity - if needs be - or will allow me to understand my mindset when out compared to a focus on a destination - if that's the case. I don't know, I have no idea. I take this as an experiment.

onwards + upwards > out + about



Date : 2 OCT 2023 4:23pm

Duration : 1:09:06

Steps: 5,775

Location : Turton & Entwistle Reservoir, Bolton BL07

Weather : rain

T : 14°

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