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performance drawing : research 02 /bibl

See following the material, documents, articles, websites, reviews, and thesis I found online re. performance drawing and which I am using for my research.

AAVV, (2019). Behind the Scenes: Ram Samocha from Draw to Perform. Copperdollar Studios [online]. [Viewed on 29.01.2020]. Available from

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Donica, K., (2007). MoMA Exhibition explores Performance and Drawing through works in the Collection. The Museum of Modern Art [online]. [Viewed on 28.01.2020]. Available from PDF available from

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Foá, M. and Hosea, B., (2013). Draw to Perform – A performance Presentation (transcript of performative lecture). [online]. [Viewed on 29.01.2020]. Available from PDF available from 

Gallavardin, G., (2015). Draw to Perform2 Symposium. Drawing, Research, Theory, Practice. [online]. 1, pp 145-147.  [Viewed 28.01.2020]. Available from

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O’Dempsey, K., (2016). Performance drawing: framing the elements. Studio Research [online]. 4, pp.18-27. [Viewed on 29.01.2020]. Available from .au/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/STUDIO-RESEARCH-Issue-4-November-2016.pdf

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Voynovskaya, N., (2015). Drawing Becomes Performance Art in “Draw to Perform”. HiFructose [online]. [Viewed 28.01.2020]. Available from

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